We do not have a needle to the plane but we have books, ethno tablecloths, tapestries, candlesticks, paintings, carved pictures, bracelets, vases, jars, bowls and boxes for jewelry, and every day, and a few new surprise

Internet auction of veterans that want to just before Christmas 2015 to help someone in a difficult financial situation is already under way for more than twenty days. The action was now joined the 17 people most of whom are members of the Association of Croatian war veterans. They gave way to selling over the Web 30 of his works. Apart from them, the action is so far as the media sponsor support and portal from Bjelovar, and the media regularly report on the action and portal, portal Voice of Slavonia, Bjelovar Fair blog and radio station Krugoval Garešnica, Super Radio and Family Radio Ivanic. So far they have been sold by auction only two cases of which the balance ends collected about 217 kuna. As expected, the action is included and Drazen Hodak. The brave warrior who found my peace in the family, friends, and making mock churches and nurseries of glass and several usable glassware to cover the flower arrangements on the graves of these days is included in the project of the Warriors with a big heart. Drazen was so heart association donated one of her nursery that are equipped with the Christmas lights and figures of the Nativity. The dimension of the paper is 20 x 15 x 30 cm and the auction will be offered up before Christmas, or until it reaches the required amount of 200 kuna, which is included and delivery. Warriors big heart on humanitarian auction so far offered their handicrafts. Among the first works were placed vases Mary Tisanić, then followed engravings Anthony Marčić and Zdenka zest, forged candlestick Joseph Maretić and pyrography Nenad Šantalab and Saffron Brand, pictures in wood young members of the Association of Christian and Milan Prše, old coins catalogs, cookbooks and travel guide from 1965, a clay jug Ivana Horvat, nativity scene Drazen Hodak, painted bowls Leonie Ivanuš our new members and novel Ivana Ševeriga Secret Čazma Diocese. Now it's the first novel by the same author Storm over MOSLAVINE. With all that we have received and 70-year-old ethnic tablecloth homespun, and coming soon, and two tapestries Nicholas Cindrića digital equipment and new products pictures on wood products and the couple Zimski Emira and Davor. To surprise our customers we organized a leather bracelet in Glagolitic enterprises Most new technologies.

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